The Ack-NOD-ledgement

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Rebel Running

It could be 4 a.m. or it could be 4 p.m…

It could be pouring rain, falling snow, or a bright sunshiny day…

You could be running 1 mile or running 15, but for goodness sake, SAY HELLO!"The Discouraged Runner

OK, so saying “Hello” might not be something your able/willing to do at that moment, but you can still smile or even a simple nod will do.

Why is this important?

You’ll hear this from me over and over again, but running is something most of us already have the capability (or will have the capability) of doing. We’re all fighting the good fight – the challenge against ourselves to be better than we once were or be better than we thought we could be. And I don’t care who you are, each of us will need support at one moment or the other.

The nod says, “I respect what you’re out here doing right now.” It says “You got this, keep up the good fight.” Most importantly it can remind the runner of what they are capable of overcoming.

Some people might find this foolish. Well let’s be clear here. At “Running Rush Hour” (6 pm on weekdays and all weekend during nice weather) I wouldn’t expect everyone to say hello to everyone they saw running by… that’s just beyond ridiculous. But at on a cold morning when you only see one other runner out there, it’s damn near MANDATORY to acknowledge the other.

In my experience, as far as the Philadelphia region is concerned, city-dwellers are less likely to give acknowledgement than those in the suburbs. I’ve taken many runs through Center City, University City, and basically all along the Schukykill (Fairmount to Conshohocken) and I can honestly say, the futher east you go, the less respect you get.

So this is my challenge to Center Cityians… prove me wrong.

Get out there and support your fellow runners.

-Rebel Dels

  1. Mark Us Vie Za says:

    I do the nod all the time especially because everyone seems to be wearing headphones and my “hellos” would only be wasted, but those lucky few who only have their thoughts along for the run get a warm and hearty welcoming “hello” and a smile from me!

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