Rebel Running is…

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Rebel Running

Rebel running is… running when you’re not supposed to. Say… after a night of drinking.

Last year the Broad Street Run registration closed before I decided to sign up. “Bummer” I thought, “gotta wait ’til next year.” But a couple weeks later, a couple of friends (Dave and Seth – college cross-country teammates) and I decided it might not be such a bad idea to run it with the other participants anyway. SO THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT WE DID.

(While this statement will make me a complete hypocrite, I find it important to mention that “Renegading” an event and partaking in the nourishment and other supplies they provide, only drives the registration cost up more. In our defense, Seth DID actually sign up, and Dave and I didn’t partake in the post-race recovery supplies.)

In the months before, we did what we considered to be little training and proceeded to mock each other on how slow we would end up running. Then last year on May 1st, the night before the BSR, Dave and Seth showed up to my humble abode in University City and we proceeded to take down over a case of beer playing random drinking games before deciding to hit the hay to get a good 4 hours of rest.

Why shouldn’t you do this? For one, lack of preparation for anything in this life is just plain dumb. Second, as most of you already know, alcohol can seriously DEHYDRATE you – thankfully we were only drinking Miller Lites. Dehydration before/during/after a race is SERIOUSLY dangerous… I can’t emphasize this enough. And on a 90 degree morning, being dehydrated is just plain dumb. When you’re dehydrated not only is there less blood being sent to your working muscles which impedes your performance, but the risk of heat injury greatly increases.

So I guess it’s pretty clear we weren’t too concerned with our performance the next day. And honestly sometimes you just need not be only out to set a PR, but to go out, challenge yourself, have fun, and encourage others. Plus this gave the three of us a good opportunity to meet up and do something fun and out of the ordinary. Look at that, running, bringing people together yet again.

Clearly we survived (otherwise I wouldn’t be so cheerfully writing this), we hydrated ourselves as best as possible, tried to get a warmup in, and made sure to sneak into the paddocks undetected. It was a great race, and based on my watch, I ran somewhere around 82 minutes (another flaw in not registering, no official time)

This year though, this year will be much different — look out for the next post on that. In the meantime, cheers to you.

To the rebel in you,

Rebel Dels
Students Run Philly Style

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