Rebel Running is… (part deux)

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Rebel Running

Rebel Running is… running for a cause greater than your own.

From my last post you’d be well aware that for me, last year’s Broad Street Run was purely for fun.

(Wait, did I just say I did a ten-mile race for FUN? That’s wild… )

But seriously, I can call it fun because (a) I had running buddies, (b) I challenged myself, and (c) I didn’t take it to seriously. While I had a great time last year, this year it’s time for a little change.

When I signed up for the Broad Street Run this year, I found that I could fund-race to support a charity, SO THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I DID. I’m looking to raise funds for Run for Philly’s Future which supports Students Run Philly Style, the only program in Philadelphia that helps youth go farther through mentorship and long distance running.

Apparently over 50% of children are obese or at risk for becoming so and almost half of high school students do not graduate in four years. That’s ALARMING and quite concerning, so I decided to do my part.

Students Run Philly Style teams a mentor up with a young adolescent to help them train for a race and in turn helps them become more focused overall, helping the students stay on track with their studies. Take a look at Gabriel’s story below:

The results for youth like 16-year-old Gabriel from North Philly have been powerful.  Gabriel began running with his Students Run mentor last year and the experience changed his life.  In addition to losing 35 pounds, he applied the goal-setting he learned through running to the classroom, improving his grades and setting his sights on college, something he never thought possible.  Gabriel proudly crossed the finish line of the Philadelphia Marathon last year and proved to himself that he really can do anything.

Last year I ran the Broad Street Run in roughly 82 minutes. This year, in support of the cause I’m shooting for 67 minutes. That’s a 15 minute drop (1:30 second drop PER MILE) from last year, which I would never suggest for anyone. But last year…. I’ll just say I didn’t exactly run my fastest race possible.

To be honest, I’m not great with the fundraising thing, but I’m asking friends and family to donate $10 ($1 per mile) through my team for this cause.  Maybe those of you who enjoy gambling would like to put a bet on whether or not I can reach my goal. Get in touch with me, make a bet.

To the Rebel(donor) in you,

Rebel Dels


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