Running gets Mental

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Rebel Running

Why Running improves Mental Health

As you may already know, May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and besides the pounds you shed and the miles you can cover, running clearly has positive effects on your positive thinking and improves your overall mental state. Below are 10 different ways running affects your mental

  1. Had a stressful day? Running is a great way to steadily and
    constantly burn energy. Your activity can be key to decreasing
    stress hormones such as cortisol
  2. Increase the feel good chemicals! Endorphins are key elements
    in positive thinking
    and your cardio exercise stimulates.
  3. There’s nothing like a good boost to your adrenaline to get your blood flowing. This directs your focus and energy through different channels which can help if you need to keep your mind off of something.  Recovering from your adrenaline rush also provides you with an opportunity to relax and reflect on your recent adrenaline surge.
  4. Feeling lonely? Running is always a great opportunity to spend time
    with someone. Wherever you may be I’m sure there’s a running group in your area. And even if you can’t find a running group, or someone to run with you, when you find fellow runners along a trail or roadway, a smile can go a long way.
  5. Be free. Let go. Nothing controls you when you are out on a run. You are free to do what you want, when you want, how you want. Embrace it. For some of us, it’s not often that we get to feel that sense of freedom.
  6. Consistently running and setting goals puts you no a path of
    achievement. Accomplishing goals no matter how large or small will always increase your personal satisfaction and quiet any inner critics you may have.
  7. Running alone gives you ample time for thinking. And your thoughts can  cover anything from your next project at work, to how you’re going to celebrate your anniversary, to what you’re eating for dinner that night.  This gives you a great opportunity to clear your mind of all that head trash that might be keeping you down. It allows you to shift gears and refocus your thoughts on what really needs your attention. Don’t be surprised if you find more clarity while running.
  8. Endurance running is quite possibly the toughest mental
    . Much like life, you’re constantly pushing yourself further
    and harder than you’ve gone before. And you have to be vigilant and
    consistent for a considerable amount of time to make progress. Build your mental toughness. Remind yourself that you can even when your body says you can’t.
  9. Running is always a great opportunity to support a charitable cause.
    Events such as the MS Mud Run or Susan G Komen 3-Day for the Cure are events that require physical exertion, but all for a good cause. So not only will you reap the benefits of taking on your own personal goals, but you will also feel good about doing something that benefits
    other people.
  10. Prioritize and Plan. The time spent running gives you a great
    opportunity to put things in order and perspective.
    Multi-tasking while running is indeed possible and doing this planning and organizing will help keep future stressors from arising.

RUN. Your body AND brain will reap the benefits.

To the mental rebel in you,

Rebel Dels


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