Know Your Pace

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Rebel Running, Training

Somewhere along the way we’ve gotten ourselves confused with the purpose of running. Some think that the idea behind running is to get out of breath. While it’s sometimes true, it’s rarely true for beginners. Starting like that does not encourage longevity, and longevity is a crucial factor to any level of success.

Your natural pace is what I like to call your ‘Home Pace’.  Home Pace is the most relaxed you can be while running. Your breathing should be comfortable, you should not be huffing and puffing. I guess some people refer to it as jogging but I never really understood that. It could be pronounced jogging or yogging, it might be a soft j..I’m not sure. Whatever you want to call it, you’re running. And maybe you can’t run and breathe comfortably. In that case walking or power-walking might be your Home pace — and ain’t nothing wrong with that!

You should be able to tell someone the story of your first kiss.  Mine was Kelly…Kelly… Kelly something. We were in elementary school, 5th grade I think, had already dated, broken up due to what I could only imagine were irreconcilable differences and now we found ourselves amongst friends at Escapades. Oh Escapades.. a ‘club’/arcade for preteens. Never occurred to me then, but my goodness what an inappropriate establishment for kids that age.  That was when I lived in New Jersey though – might explain the reality (and development) of the stereotype. And now I’m rambling..

You should be able to tell someone about your last vacation.
Ahh, Arizona the Sunset State. Back in January, to escape the frigid air of Philadelphia, my buddy Sabir and I flew Southwest to visit our friend Colleen who was doing some post-graduate studies in Sociology at Arizona State University. A) I had never experienced 70 degree weather in the midst of winter before, B) being near a college campus can ALWAYS make for some fun. I also picked up this hat so I could be a Sun Devil for the weekend.

You should be able to tell the story of how you met you spouse (I don’t have one of those), your new iPad (I don’t have one of those),  or what’s been driving you crazy at work (everyone has a couple of those). YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO TELL YOUR LIFE STORY. Often referred to as your ‘Conversational pace’ your regular or easy pace should be one that doesn’t put a noticeable amount of strain on your muscles or cardiovascular system.

In other words you should end runs like this:

not this:

Of course there a certain times where you’ll need to have a more intense workout for your cardiovascular system, but that comes along. Knowing your Home pace is the baseline for any training program. You should warm up at Home, cool down at Home, and whenever you’re spent, you can return home.

To the rebel in you,


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