Hydrate… the right way

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Rebel Running

Unfortunately heat is not often considered when runners head out on their daily (or semi-daily grind). Some of us find out how hot it is once we are already outdoors, and at that point we’ve already committed to our running journey. But lacking the energy and resources to complete a run successfully can negatively impact not only your run, but your training as a whole.

Also unfortunate, some tend to cram in hydration in right before a run. For many of us this can result in cramps or much worse, even WATER INTOXICATION (that’s over-hydration not this). Over-hydration can lead to a swelling of your tissues (often in your hands) but this can endanger your life, as this swelling can also happen to your brain which can result in death if not properly addressed

So what is the right amount? Hard to say. We’re all different. Different sizes, different sweat rates, different weather conditions, different paces… you get the idea. A drinking rate of 12 ounces of water per hour is an acceptable standard. But that should be adjusted for hotter days and longer/harder runs. The best way to identify your level of hydration is to monitor your urine. That’s right, PEE TEST. The general rule is, the clearer the urine the more hydrated you are. (This does not apply if you’re drinking a lot of this this). You want your urine to have a light yellow tint, and not be completely clear.

Don’t forget about electrolytes either. During your longer days or workout days, it’s always a good idea to keep a sports drink handy. This rule always applies, but on hotter days where you’re likely to sweat more you need to be sure you are replenishing your potassium, magnesium, and sodium in order to avoid muscle failure.

Always “obey your thirst”.


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