I hate going to the gym right after work, and I mean HATE it. I especially hate it during the glorious month of JANUARY.

I recently signed up at a gym and while it may seem that I was one of those New Year’s Resolutioners… I really just need a treadmill for the winter months. I don’t have much winter running gear, I save what little I have for weekend runs. For gym rats and fitness professionals this is particularly frustrating, because the crowd will inevitably die down as it does every year.

Now usually I like to stop off at a Barnes & Noble after work and do some reading and studying before heading to the gym. Some go to the bar or the gym to pass the traffic, I go to the bookstore to pass the gym crowd.

Unfortunately I had a meeting at 6:30 tonight, so I had to attempt to squeak in a run after work and before the meeting…


Oh what I would’ve paid for a treadmill at that time. Classic supply and demand

After changing in the locker room I came out in the hopes that by some miracle a treadmill would have freed up. I promptly gave up and hit the road so that I could make it to my meeting at a good time.

I had plans to have pitchers and wings with friends, so I met them out at a bar not long after my meeting. After a few beers, a couple wings, and a good time, I had to leave early… because I had to get my run in.

3 miles with hot wings and Miller Lite in the stomach… it actually was pretty awesome. I just HATE ending up in that situation.

I’m all for people trying to better themselves, and become healthier, and do something they’ve never done before yada yada yada… but it’s not fun to know that the gym will soon deplete because people didn’t know how to approach a lifestyle change the right way.

Honestly.. How much do crowded gyms suck?


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