Never Tire of Doing the Right Thing

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Rebel Running

Man what a big weekend — I spent much needed time with the family and went to New York City to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Weekend trips “home-home” are always good and fun because it’s a good change of scenery.

Saturday we saw Shalane aka Shay aka Dreamgirl (probably the only elite marathoner I find attractive) take home 1st in the marathon trials. Desiree “Desi” Davila followed in second and Kara Goucher, who seems like the nicest person from her articles, finished in third. Click the picture to get a full women’s race recap.

From left to right: Goucher, Flanagan, Hastings, Davila.

On the men’s side four blazing marathoners were expected to jocky for the top three spots in this race. Meb Kefelzighi  took home first place. Ryan Hall (man, I remember him being the best in HIGH SCHOOL) came in second and Abdi Abdirahman in third. Dathan Ritzenhein followed in fourth in a time of 2:09:55. First time trials had four men under 2:10… props to that. Again, click the pic for full results.

Courtesy of

The rest of the field will be decided in Eugene, OR June 22-July 1.

The rest of my Saturday was spent getting hammertimed, or drunk, in celebration of my good friends’ birthday. Love partying in NYC because it’s so much easier to be out and about and call 5:30 AM bedtime. Needless to say, Sunday was a rest day.


Sunday was also Martin (Michael) Luther King Jr’s birthday. A man who’s efforts continue to affect my life, over forty years after his death. His courage, charisma, intelligence, attitude and influence continued to pave the way of the ignorant human towards the open-minded human. Who knows what the world may have been like without a dream such as his to follow. A man worth all the admiration he receives, and though he was not perfect, he found his purpose in life, pursued it, and consequently changed the world forever. May his soul continue to rest in peace. And may you never to do the right thing in YOUR heart.

To the rebel in you,

  1. Liz B. says:

    Kara Goucher is my girl. I kept myself on media blackout until 3:00 so I wouldn’t know the results till I watched it myself. I like Shalane and Desi, but I was SO psyched for Kara. I was also very sad for Dathan. Run a marathon under 2:10 and you don’t make the Olympic team? Ridiculous.

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