“Who do you think you are, I am”

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Motivation
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So I guess you really ARE allowed to say whatever you want after winning a big competition. And as ridiculous and hilarious that Pete Weber sounds after his victory, that was his “I did it moment” and you generally get a pass as to how you react.

This is Jeremy Lin after his game-winning shot in Portland during the height of Linsanity (had to pay homage to a Knickerbocker):

He doesn’t actually say anything, but his nod says it all. Basically a “Yep I just did that and I knew I would.”

There are tons of these moments that happen in professional sports every year. “Ice in your veins” they call it. I call it the blackout moment (And no, not that period of time after you’ve had one too many and before you wake up at the toilet). The moment you’ve pictured in your mind over and over and over again – so much that when it actually happens, it happens so fast that you don’t even capture it.

I put running in a different category though. Being a sport where you don’t need as much technical skills to successfully execute a particular action. You have to rely on a whole lot of MMPH in your mind and your body to get you going.  You literally have to will yourself to pretend the pain is not there, use whatever reserves you have, and run with confidence.

This is one of my favorite 800 meter races in recent history highlighting Nick Symmonds, a 4-time DIII champion:

We all have moments like this, whether you realize it or not. It could be finishing your first race, hitting the last cup in beer pong, or slamming down the winning hand in rummy. What will you in with your Pete Weber moment?


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