Broad Street Recap

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Races
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So I was getting ready to write this post in epic blog fail fashion because I had no pictures of myself or anything else on race day. As I’m typing out my feelings on this great race I get a text message from a friend with this picture:


So it looks like I posed for this pic, but I’m actually thinking “Man, I should really use the bathroom… but this line is long and the race is about to go off soon.”


As it turns out the pic was found by someone I made acquaintances with 6 years ago!

Broad Street Run!

So as always the spectators are what make this race so worthwhile. Genuine support from people you don’t even know. Wear a button-up, shirt and dress pants and you’d be amazed. So all in all..

The spectators? Ahhmazing

The weather? Perfect cross country weather, couldn’t ask for anything better.

The course? It actually ends up being a slight decline, so even faster than a fast course.

The amenities? From the extremely supportive and enthusiastic kids from Central high school to the music (men on the bongos, marching band, rock band, rocky anthem) to the shuttle buses and ample johnny on the spots, this was a classic homestyle feel-good race that just happened to get insanely popular.

My race in particular? Well if you know me, I’m tough on myself. I finished two minutes slower than I did last year, and after finishing the race I wasn’t all too pleased with the time. Distance running is as much mental as it is physical. Physically? Well the obvious is I wore almost a full freakin’ suit, so the extra weight and hampered range of motion probably played a role. Mentally? With about 2-1/2 miles left I told continuously told myself “just finish” … which essentially, since finishing wasn’t the goal of my race, is giving up. Not proud of that at all, which is why I think I was disappointed in my race.

But at the end of the day, f*ck it, I was in a shirt, tie, n dress slacks and had a blast!!! ‘Til I was dying. Training could be better. The way I attack the race could also be better. Lessons learned… Hope fully more pics to come. On to the Oddyssey Half Marathon, what costume should I wear?

To the Rebel costumer in you,




I forgot to mention my time…
2010: Self-timed approximate 80 minutes
2011: 64:41 and I was the 355th person to cross the finish line
2012: 66:49 and I was the 715th person to cross the finish line

Apparently a lot can happen in two minutes. I’ve decided I will run this race every year in that get-up until I break 60 minutes.


  1. maureentmcc says:

    I love you so much!

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