XC, Literally

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Rebel Running

So I took a trip across the country a few weeks back (actually almost two months now) and I figure now is as good a time as any to share the pictures and stories! Yeah… I know I’m slow, but better slow than never, RIGHT?…Right.

I decided to take a road trip in an RVwith four other people on their way to the Coachella Music Festival. From New York City to Los Angeles in one week.

RVs are pretty damn cool..

Let’s Go!


Kentucky Bourbon!Kentucky Bourbon!

First stop, the Woodford Reserve Distillery in Versaille, KY – a stop along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Look at all those casks! The time spent at the distillery was great. After a long night’s drive nothing’s better than a tasty lunch and a nice glass of bourbon. The tour around the distillery was a great time, mostly due to our hilariously awesome tourguide that showed us how they make and store their bourbon on their beautiful grounds.

Seen on my run in Kentucky:

horses... quite a few

Estates are huge, and everyone has horses. Love it

Made it to the top of a hill!


That night we headed to Nashville, TN where we grabbed dinner and saw all the country music that the mean streets of Nashville had to offer. Then we ran into this guy on the corner, who was literally doing this for hours: Nashville Freestyler

Seen on my Tennessee run:

c’mon… that’s funny!

That’s part one… Look out for the trip to Austin and Fort Stockton Texas, Gila National Forest in New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, and San Francisco.

To the traveler in you,



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