Scotch of the Month: Johnnie Walker, Black Label

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Rebel Running

I drink scotch. Ron Burgundy loves scotch, and now I do too. Soon enough I’m going to dive into the health benefits (yes there are benefits) of scotch, but I couldn’t help from diving right into a glass. So please bear with me as I torture you with the delicious details of  a nice glass of Johnnie Walker.

Aged 12 yrs.

Johnnie Walker Black Label is a great blended scotch to start with, it’s my current go to scotch. First off, it’s got a nice deep amber color which sets the tone for experience. Grains  are added to the 40+ whiskies that have been aged 12 years that will balance the smokiness (smoky is generally referred to as peaty by those educated in the field) that allow this scotch to be consumed easier by novices.

I generally drink scotch neat or on the rocks (as pictured above) but if you’re looking for a cocktail, I suggest an Old Fashioned.

Let's take it back a generation..

All in all:

  • For the price, you’re getting a quality product.
  • Great introduction to blended scotches.
  • Masks the smoke for some tastes, not enough smoke for others.


To the scotch runner in you,

  1. Anthony says:

    You have to get into a bottle of blue, it’s the best scotch I’ve ever had!

    • rebelrunner says:

      Blue is delicious. A lot of people complain that it’s not that much better than gold, and while it is a little overpriced it is still much better than gold. A lot can be learned through the Johnnie Walker labels.

  2. Chris Dela Cruz says:

    You ever see these Whiskey Stones? Amanda got these for me for my birthday. They’re don’t make the drink as cold as ice, but they give it a nice chill. I have it with Makers Mark, and it’s great.

    • rebelrunner says:

      Oh man you’re totally leaking info that I was going to divulge…way to go man.

      Best part about whisky stones… It doesn’t water down your drink! Enjoy the Maker’s Mark!

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