Verified Rebel: Lopez Lomong

Posted: July 4, 2012 in Motivation, Rebel Running
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As a competitor I never really paid much attention to those I would be racing against. I guess I looked at it like “I’m going to run MY race, and it doesn’t much matter what style race someone else runs.” (Jeez, what an ego on this guy) But I honestly ran my races one way, and if it worked, it worked. After competition was over I learned that some people have been doing some really cool s–t with running.

A rebel runner forges their own road. They run for a cause bigger than their own. They might go against conventional wisdom or they might just make a habit of bending the rules. Basically a runner that is just plain AWESOME.

Continuing with an Olympic athlete theme, today’s verified Rebel Runner is none other than Lopepe “Lopez” Lomong.

He's arrived..


  • Captured by rebel soldiers of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army at the age of 6, and after watching boys his age die he and 3 others escaped their camp and ran for 3 days to Kenya
  • After 10 years in a refugee camp he wrote an essay and was accepted to come to America as one of the “Lost Boys of the Sudan”
  • Two-time NCAA Champion
  • Two-time Outdoor 1500 meter National Champion
  • After gaining his citizenship in 2007, he represented the United States in the 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • Started the Lopez Lomong Foundation, which partnered with World Vision to create 4 South Sudan.
  • Qualified for the 2012 London Olympics in the 5,000 meter race
  • Oh and by the way, earlier this year he miscounted his laps and started his kick one lap too early, STOPPED RUNNING, and still set the world’s leading time in the 5k this year.

Captivity tested, Rebel Runner approved. I can’t fathom going through what Lopez Lomong went through at such a young age. Words can’t begin to explain what he has achieved after facing such adversity… he rebelled against rebels.

It’s so fitting to name Lopez Lomong a Rebel Runner on Independence Day. He represents what America is all about — opportunity, freedom. If you’re an American, and you can watch the below video without being moved, you might want to check to make sure you have a soul.

What do red, white, and blue mean to you? Leave a comment, I’d really like to know.

To the rebel in you,


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