RebelRunning Beer of the Week: Brooklyn Summer Ale

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Beer of the Week
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I’m a huge beer supporter. The government warns that “women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects” and “consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs the ability to drive a car…and may cause health problems.” both of which are obviously true without a doubt, so there is no argument there. But if you’re not driving and you’re not pregnant, can post-run beers really hurt you? Dehydration, calories, and your “drunkenness” should be your concern.

Most things in moderation are good for you, and I believe beer is one of those things. I generally like to have three cups of water and replenish my electrolytes while I head to the good stuff. After races I make sure to get an orange or banana in as well, in addition to some food (with lean protein) to enjoy with my beer.

Every week I’ll report a beer I find particularly good after a run, or just a beer I find particularly delicious, or just a beer from a 6-pack I decided to try out. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it too.

Brewed in New York

As the summer rages on, so does my decision to stick with summer ales. This week’s beer selection is none other than Brooklyn Summer Ale. The Brooklyn Brewery and I have had a storied past — not necessarily directly, but let’s just say in my younger days it reintroduced me to my ol’ buddy, the porcelain throne. But all that is in the past, and I’ve learned to appreciate what the ‘Brooklyn Lineup’ has to offer. I generally go with them when in search of a pretty good IPA, but I found it fitting to give the Summer Ale a go.

I’m not disappointed in my decision one bit. It’s got a nice rusty golden color. I drank this one straight out of the bottle, though apparently they also serve it in cans now. It’s a great refreshing treat whose “100% two-row barley” really does make the difference. This beer goes down smooth as the barley is responsible for most of the taste, but the hops add just enough citrus flavor to give it a good balance. It’s still got a bit of bitterness for a nice finish. Grill some chicken and asparagus with this one!

Alcohol by Vol: 5.0%ABV
Calories/12 oz.: 150

Would I drink it after a run? This could be a summertime go-to-beer. I’d drink this after any race or run that I have on the schedule

Would I drink it during a beer mile? Wouldn’t make the race any easier on myself, but it would definitely go down just fine.

Would I drink it without any relation to running? For sure. It’s got a pretty light body so I’d probably have to be in the mood for it, but if it were handed to me out of the blue I’d be delighted.

Oh Brooklyn, my first true love..

To the beer runner in you,


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