Verified Rebel: Oscar Pistorius

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Motivation, Rebel Running
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A rebel runner forges their own road. They run for a cause bigger than their own. They might go against conventional wisdom or they might just make a habit of bending the rules. Basically a runner that is just plain AWESOME. Some people have been doing some really cool s–t with running.

Keeping with the Olympic theme, today’s verified Rebel Runner is none other than Oscar Pistorius.

Blade Runner!


  • Born without the fibula (long bone on the outside of the leg from the knee to the ankle) in each of his legs. Both legs amputated at 11 months
  • the first athlete in history to win gold in the 100m, 200m and 400m events in the T43/T44 category of the Paralympics
  • After originally being banned from able-bodied competition, Pistorius fought the ruling and after two days scientists confirmed that he has a disadvantage at at the start and acceleration phases of races, and therefore no net advantage
  • His nickname is Blade Runner — insert “enough said” here

Disability tested, Rebel Runner approved. They call him the “Blade Runner” for obvious reasons. He’s the cause for the “Great Blade Debate” over the interwebs. It’s a tough call for many, I mean he doesn’t have to worry about calf cramps or rolled ankles say the haters… but he also hasn’t had legs since before he was one. Once the science rolls out on what type of competetive advantage he may have, then we’ll see. Until then, let’s respect the man for standing tall against preconceived notions of the disabled.

To the rebel in you,


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