Miles are Miles

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Rebel Running

Often I hear “I suck at running, I just can’t do it.” Saying something along those lines has recently become my #1 pet peeve, sending my previous #1 (dogs dressed as humans) down a notch. For one thing, “sucking” at something is relative – I can think I ran at an awful pace or not long enough, while someone else would think it’s amazing. At the end of the day you can’t be such a Negatron. If running is something you want to be good at, you have to use the idea of “sucking” as a motivator to consistently do the right things. Truth is – and this goes for most things in life – if you feel you could never run, you’re probably just going about it the wrong way….

Read the rest here where you can find ALL the information you need on health, strength, and wellness goals.


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