RebelRunning Beer of the Week: Magic Hat Circus Boy

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Beer of the Week
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Most things in moderation are good for you, and I believe beer is one of those things. I generally like to have three cups of water and replenish my electrolytes while I head to the good stuff. Dehydration, calories, and your “drunkenness” should be your concern. After races I make sure to get an orange or banana in as well, in addition to some food (with lean protein) to enjoy with my beer.

Every week I’ll report a beer I find particularly good after a run, or just a beer I find particularly delicious, or just a beer from a 6-pack I decided to try out. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it too.

I’m taking a break from the summer seasonals, and diving into something that’s offered year-round. But for my wheat enthusiasts, this American-style Hefeweizen still represents a taste that many look for in a summer beer. Magic Hat Circus Boy was the beer of curiosity this week. I don’t often seek out Circus Boy, but there’s no complaint if it arrives in a variety pack. Magic Hat is a reliable brewery, that I will trust far beyond it’s staple, #9.

Circus Boy has a light golden yellow color, with a lemon and wheat aroma. For all intents and purposes I’ll say this one has a light (bordering medium) body, and almost as light of an alcohol content to go with it. Grassy hops and citrus taste make this beer easy to go down for a novice. It’s refreshing and finishes pretty crisp – all in all, a nice summer brew.

Alcohol by Vol: 4.4%ABV
Calories/12 oz.: About 135

Would I drink it after a run? This can go down well after any run you have planned. If rationing beers I’d save this one for either easy runs or impossible races (where you might be slugging down a few).

Would I drink it during a beer mile? It’s kind of watery, and definitely refreshing so I’d hope that lemon kick would put me into the next gear.

Would I drink it without any relation to running? I could see myself drinking this. It’s not bad. Circus Boy is good for staying civil and still having a good amount of beer. But it’s an American take on a Hefeweizen which might say enough right there.

To the beer runner in you,


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