The Motto… YORO

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Drake “The Motto” take 2…

I f—-n’ run, y’all don’t get it do ya
Type of times errybody tryna run just like ya
Runnin 5ks in New York City biiiiiiitch
Spanish girls love me like I run Pamplona
Tell Mayor Nutter I’m back in Philly too
Drinkin hard, runnin’ hard, there ain’t much to do
wrist bling, Polar watch, lovin’ this thing
Gettin’ my pace and my rate, ain’t s–t strange
How ya feel, how ya feel, how ya feel?
26 miles feel like 26 mil
I finished runnin’ and I’m stretchin’ myself
Rest in peace Micah True, I’mma do it how you do, you flew
Logging miles, I’ll holla whenever that stop
Gotta take care, gettin’ tired of my knee pops
the pressure’s f—-n’ on like the anchor of a relay
USATF got you chantin U-S-Ayyyy
Gay & Gatlin will be reppin’ in the hundo
Hopin’ really hard that Bolt ain’t in the front tho
Post-race we chuggin’ gatorade by the liter
Pre says you ain’t s–t if you ain’t the f—–g leader
Ohhh that’s how you feel man?
That’s really how you feel?
‘Cause if the weather’s ice cold, then a runner’s straight chill
I mean maybe they won’t
Then again maybe they will
I can almost guarantee how it’ll feel,
Rebel runners what’s up?

Finish line photo
Ran a crappy time though
But you only race once, that’s the motto n—a YORO
’cause we’re running every day, every day, every day
It’s the only true sport, all you fools do is play
Every day, every day, f–k what anybody say
Can’t see ’em, too many miles in the way
Rebel runners what’s up?

To the dork lyricist in you,



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