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Accomplishment is easily one of the best feelings. 4 weeks ago I attempted an 800 meter interval workout at goal pace (GP), and even though I completed it, I felt like CRAP. Finished the workout terrified that I wouldn’t be able to hit my goal come race time.

Yesterday I ran 4 more 800 repeats, all at or below GP! It felt amazing to be able to do that. I had to start my run late so I was basically running in the dark by the time my workout was finishing. I did need some inspirational music to go on my last rep. Last night’s music run was Hip Hop, so I went with a classic from my generation.. Puff Daddy – Victory

It was so fitting how my last rep ended right as Diddy said “You ain’t gotta like me, you just mad cause I tell it how it is and you tell it how it might be” — My favorite line. And then going into my cooldown Kanye West – Celebration started. It seemed fitting that this song would hit at the time.

This was just one of those workouts you get amped about!

To your next amazing workout feeling,

Rebel Dels


I’m into what moves you–what makes you want to move your body and what moves your emotions. So basically I go to running as a method movement, but I also love music because it makes me want to hit the hardwood and do some dancing — if you didn’t already know that, you’ll be sure to learn soon.

In my hayday of high school and collegiate athletics I was never one to combine music with running – I actually despised the idea. Mostly for two reasons:

1) This was either me time or time for me to run with my teammates.
2) I did try running with a CD player (as most of this MusicRunning hatred was during a time before the advent of mp3 players) it would skip while I ran which would be more of a pain than it was worth.

After leaving college I found that music was actually helpful to my running, and actually received an iPod and a Nike+ as a graduation present so it only made sense — and I got hooked.

But even that got boring after a while. So now I come up with what I like to call MusicRuns. These are workouts (tempos, fartleks, the occasional interval) specifically centered around playlists or CDs. Let me explain…

What’s that cross all about you ask? Great question.

Justice – Audio, Video, Disco

That’s the cover art of that CD. And the inspiration for today’s tempo. Today was short sweet and to the point.

  • The first two tracks (Horsepower & Civilization) were my warmup.
  • The next three tracks (Ohio, Canon Primo, & Canon) is where I went at tempo pace.
  • Cooldown with the next track (On’n’On)
  • Quick stretch to Parade… yeah I skipped Brianvision..

Today I did justice to the tracks.
Did justice to my training.
And in 115 days I will justify my hard work.

To the rebel in you.