Have you ever said…?

I need to get in shape.
I want to run my first (5k, mud run, half marathon, marathon).
Man, this fat wasn’t here before!
My time in the (5k, mud run, half marathon, marathon) needs to drop NOW!
I used to run cross-country/track and field… I kind of miss it.
I wish I was a runner.
I need to lose some weight.

If I haven’t been there myself, I know people that have been there.

Running shouldn’t be some exclusive club where only some should join. Running isn’t the end-all, be-all of life, nor should it be completely ignored. Running is for EVERYONE.

Whether you want to run once a week or six times a week, be a better sprinter or boost your endurance, train for a marathon or be in better shape for your co-ed softball team, running will help you.

I’m ecstatic that I can run sub 8 minute miles again… – Justin D.

There’s nothing worse than going into a project or task with little to no idea of how you will achieve your goal. And almost just as bad is following a plan that worked for SOMEONE ELSE and NOT YOU, or a plan for “John Everyman” ::cough cough couch25k cough cough:: and NOT YOU.

Get advice, training plans, and accountability from a USATF certified coach.

I’m loving running. Feels good to be running with you pushing it, I just want to get to a point where I’m pushing you haha – Steve S.


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