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If being a runner is about measuring yourself by how many marathons, half-marathons, or 5ks you’ve run in your life… then I refuse to be lumped in with those elitists.

If being a runner means you HAVE to have a certain body frame or build… then don’t throw me in that category, I was never one for appearances.

If being a runner means I’m not allowed to be bored on a distance run on my own, then PLEASE don’t call me a runner because it can be mind-numbingly boring if I let it be.

If being a runner is SOLELY about how many miles you can cover and how fast you can cover it…then I pass.

RUNNING is open to ALL

Running(or walking) is the simplest form of exercise — requires a very small skill set, and even less gear.

Running is freeing your mind, feeling great.

Running is using the 50% of your lungs you wouldn’t use otherwise.

Running is about comradery.

Running is building your endurance for any sport you play.

Running is challenging yourself.

Don’t let anyone (especially yourself) tell you you’re not a runner — don’t make it any more complicated than it is. Just get out there. But like anything else in life, constant steady improvement (kai zen) is key. Don’t dive in too hard too quickly, start at a comfortable pace – walking if necessary.

Terry Hitchcock gets it. Even though he said he was not a runner, at the age of 57 he ran the equivalent of 75 marathons in 75 days. Nothing is impossible.

To the rebel in you,
Coach Dels